Yorkshire Terrier Portrait.

This is Mia our family dog and my latest drawing, Mia is just the sweetest dog and such a good girl, she loves to sit on the back of the sofa waiting for people to come home and I just love that you can see the window in the reflection of her eye. I love to draw tiny details and her big cute eyes gave me the opportunity to capture those details perfectly.

Iv drawn Mia before but just wanted to update her portrait (my mom and dad are going to run out of wall space with all my artwork lol)

Here's how I created Mia.

When I start a drawing I always start with the eye, I find if I get the eye right then the rest of the drawing flows.

I always work in sections, fur is quite complex with all the different tones and colours so I find working in sections helps me to keep details in the right place, its like piecing a puzzle together.

When I am happy with the fur and nearing the end I go back over the whole portrait adding tiny details and fly away hairs that help give the portrait an even more realistic effect.

I hope you like Mia as much as i enjoyed drawing her, ill never get bored looking at her face!

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