Photographing your pet

Taking a good quality photo really makes all the difference to your final drawing, It enables me to add all the little details that makes your pet unique. I require a photo that is close up, in focus and in good lighting. It's not always easy but having a good photo is essential for me to capture a true likeness of your pet and enables me to achieve the best possible drawing. 


 I can only draw what I see so the better the photo quality, the better the drawing, please feel free to send multiple photos and I can give suggestions to which I feel will work best and gives me more of an idea of your pet's personality and unique colour! For more than one subject you can send the photos separately as I can position them together on paper.

Photography tips

  • Close up and in focus, preferably head and shoulders only, clear enough to see the colour of their eyes and direction of the fur.

  • Cropping from far away can result in a blurry photo, losing detail.

  • Natural light is best, a slightly overcast day is ideal outside or by a window. 

  • Get down to eye level with your pet, try with a treat to grab their attention to look into the camera, it will avoid an awkward angle. 

  • Be patient! it isn't easy,,, but will be worth it to get a great photo. 

examples of Fantastic photos to work from

  • Instagram